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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On A Break + Last Night

On a break from cleaning the damn stove. Hot damn, burnt is hard as hell to get off that plate beloew the hot swirly things! I spent an hour on those alone...they suck. I'm lookin for the inside of the stove to be relatively easy, haven't used that thing since December. Used to make fries last summer, but they're too friggin expensive for a regular meal.

I'll be cleanin for the rest of the night, got my fill of social last night.

Had an off night to begin with last night, so went over to the Meck. Got there just as Nick, Kate B, and Coop were starting up a game of darts. Indulgent night...think it was 8 or 9 beers by the end and was pretty friggin blazed. Talked with Nicole V for a while too, that was pretty cool, gave some words of encouragement on getting involved in local environmental issues. Gettin better at darts too, Nick talked with the bartender about the possibility of hookin me up with an old dartboard they recently replaced for the place down in Greenville.

Hung out with Coop and Katie after that back at her place, damn, it must be nice having a creek run through one's backyard. Probably doesn't go out there much...funny how when things are close we take them for granted.

Today was pretty hardcore hangover and rainy weather that facilitated a hangover. Didn't get too much done, but got a bunch of nice naps.

Hell yeah, well, going back to cleaning. Tominda should be in tomorrow.


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