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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

SEAC & Packing

On a short break from packin and SEAC work....

Looking forward to the Activist Training Camp next week in Syracuse, it'll be pretty damn cool. Brent and Abe should be coming up from Mingo and putting on a workshop on organizing in Appalachia. There'll be workshops on everything from the Bhopal disaster to anti-oppression training. If there was something about SEAC that I'd pinpoint the network on it'd be anti-oppression work...environmental degradation is oppression. Looks like there'll be people from NY, WV, IN, OH, DC, MA there and I really hope that we can bring people into sustained activism through our network.

It'll be pretty damn crammed as I get ready for the start of my Americorps position on August 1st...packing til Friday..Party Saturday & Sunday...Move Monday & Tuesday...Drive to Syracuse on Wendesday...ATC Thursday through Sunday...Drive back to Shepherdstown on Sunday...Catch a flight on Sunday evening or Monday...Americorps training on Tuesday the 24th through Saturday the 29th...settling into Greenville the 30th & 31st...then starting the radio position August 1st

I'm excited and terrified at the same time about this Americorps position...


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