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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Americorps Training here...damn

Yep, here I am at Americorps training in Atlanta. I've been relatively honest about expressing myself and what I think of how anti-poverty work should be done. Only relatively, though. Solidarity seems like a foreign word and people here are focused solely on postive work rather that working under the leadership of a community group that's trying to address toxins in their water and whatnot. It's not too radical and very much...positive focused. Which is nice, ya know, just a lot more is missing. It's not addressing the root problem of poverty, such as outside & elite control of resources by combating it. It's good work, I mean, it's just got a lot of moderate rather than radical analysis to it & I am finding myself more and more a radical. I don't feel like Coal River Mountain Watch or OVEC could get a VISTA worker...but groups feeding people could. I mean, ya know, it's Americorps, it isn't SEAC.

I just got back from a Braves game. Damn that was racist...the tomahawk & coca-cola & a lot of things, mocking the people who were here before Europeans. It was fun, baseball games are a good quality time, just racist.

I'm meeting and networking with West Virginia VISTAs which is pretty cool. Met a coupla people from Lincoln County's Big Ugly Community Center who are pretty cool and a person from up in Marlinton workin at an Opera House up there. It'll be good to keep in contact. I've definitely been vocal about my outlook on the historical internal imperialism of the coal industry & trying to be as flat out as possible. So, Americorps knows I'm pretty radical at this point, and it'll be allright I feel.

Moving down to Monroe this coming Sunday and Monday to start the job on Tuesday or Wednesday. It'll be pretty badass, i'll have to find out what internet capabilities are around Greenville and post picture here.

I'll keep posting to this though. For now, i'm about to get out to sleep and wake up at 7 am again. Cool people, cool people.


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