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Saturday, August 05, 2006


I'm here in Fayetteville on a public computer at the Cathedral Cafe. Might go fishin for a little bit. In the middle of the Clifftop Old Time Festival, it's pretty badass and inspiring. Incredibly decentralized music, people coming together and making their own bands and just playing rather than depending on the front main stage, cool shit. Gonna go square dancing tonight and catch a lot of music, tonight's apparently then huge party night where people jam til dawn, so yeah, there'll be a hell of a lot to experience tonight.

Becky from Big Ugly might switch over to the Monroe Radio Project, that'd be pretty cool, cause we need someone. She's got pretty congruent values with me and it'd be good to work with her.

Good weekend, gotta find the other VISTAs from Pocahantos County....

Tominda would love it here, i wish she were here.


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