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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday Night

Here I am sittin at the WHFI station here in Lindside at 9 PM workin on stuff. Today was pretty damn productive, but lame at the exact damn same time.

Waited around for Verizon to show up until friggin 5 PM, but their filthy asses never ever showed! so, they're gonna be getting an angry phone call tomorrow. So, I am still phone-less and I can't call Tominda or Mom or Dad or anyone cause the pay phones are too damn expensive.

Been pretty busy these last coupla days, going to meetings. Went to the Peterstown Ruritans last night, and hit the Bozoo Ruritans today. Pretty badass stuff.

After the Peterstown Ruritans meeting last night, this guy Jeff took me around and showed me what has been done down in Peterstown. The town seems to be a do-it-yourself kinda place, if something needs to get done, then by god lets do it! Showed me a pretty amazing playground that people in the community built together after organizing and raising money for almost a year. It's inspiring stuff, don't get that in too many other places. Showed me a soccer field that the Ruritans built themselves with fundraisers and a hell of a lotta volunteer hours. Talked about a bridge that the Ruritans built, simply cause it needed to get built, so they did it.

The Bozoo Ruritan meeting was a bit different, this one was pretty well advertised and attended, maybe 30 or 35 people were there. Complete with an old time band. It was about a neighborhood watch program that they're lookin to set up to deal with drugs and crime and all of that. It seemed a bit on the fear mongering side of things, but its also a lets protect our community kinda attitude, along with that do-it-yourself outlook. I had to leave early, but they didn't discuss any of the root causes of crimes and didn't talk about setting up alternatives for the kids and people besides drugs. It woulda been a good thing to put on the air if the news show was already together today.

Gonna go home this weekend, I should get there right around early evening Friday I think, then leave there early evening Sunday.

We've gotta find another VISTA for this station, itd be too much by myself. too friggin much, it'd take the fun out of it if I had to do it all myself.


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