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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gibbs' Visit & More

Well, Tominda's on her way down here, hot damn, that'll be pretty cool. She'll get to see how I've tack-ied that place up that I call home, all kindsa different tacky shit around. Lamps that look like hookahs...tables with the paint peeling off...out of tune guitars...that whole place is coming along well.

Gibbs Kinderman came down today to take a look at the station and to convince Karie to stay. Gibbs is the VISTA coordinator for the Eastern Highlands of the state and Karie's the VISTA that is thinkin about leaving. It looks like he may have done his job pretty well today and found her some more money to stay until April, hopefully she can. It'll let me put some damn focus on this news project that I'll be doing...going around to meetings and trying to get different "minutes" to air on a regular basis during that "Monroe Today" block. It should be pretty quality kinda stuff. So, I'll give her a call at some point here and ask what her decision is, hopefully she stays or we'll be stretched real thin this year.

Gibbs is a badass kinda dude. He's an old guy with a big beard, lives up in the mountains of Pocahantos County and has been working in a radio station he started for the past 25 years. He's an old activist from back in the sixties. Went down for Mississippi Freedom Summer and has a pretty badass history of working in anti-strip mining work back in the late sixties and early seventies. Used to work in Ken Hechler's campaign and managed the VISTAs who did a hell of a lot in solidarity with residents of Southern WV to abolish strip mining. Oh well, he tried, but I guess he moved onto Pocahantos when no abolition bill got passed. I'll be under his wing directly, it's pretty damn inspiring, but I'll be working relatively close to him and'll be going up to visit every so often.

Went up to buy more fitting clothes to work in from this used clothes place in Ronceverte today, it was pretty cool. On the way back I stopped by the Cheese n'More store that has a buncha local Mennonite-made stuff in there and got as much as I could. I'll be hitting up the farmers market this Friday to try and get as much good local food as I can.

Went home this past weekend and saw most everyone, besides chris scott, that I'm really close to. Kathy, Sarah, Nick, Frank, Tominda, Mom, Dad, John, Katie B, was pretty damn good. Walked around and talked with Nick and Frank Saturday night and that was pretty cool, walkin and talkin under a meteor shower. I enjoyed the weekend in a most badass fashion. Next time I go home'll be early September....either the weekend of the 3rd or the 10th. The 3rd has Contra Dancing, but it's the Hinton Festival of Rivers and I kinda want to go over there and catch some music and whatnot.

So, yeah, I've gotta clean a bit and get dinner ready for Tominda's coming in at around 9. Huzzah.


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