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Friday, August 11, 2006

State Fair

Going to the State Fair and then home! Woooo! I'll see people!

Short run down...

talked with a fisherman guy yesterday who's real interested in getting involved with the station here and'll probably have his own "fishing minute" kinda deal that we air every week, if not eventually more.

having to scale back my vision for an "old time sunday" for the time being, until we can get another VISTA. Damn, I want another VISTA here so they can take care of managing the high school people and I could go out and do a lot of cool stuff like collect music, collect news, and collect stories. I mean, it'll be cool working with the high schoolers, it just means that I'll have to be in here.

picked up my old guitar and am trying to learn that.

i'll update more later on, I suppose.


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