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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lazy Weekend

Not too much going on this weekend. Might make it over to the Coal River Valley or Mingo County or somewhere. I should take this weekend to keep up with folks resisting coal...but, Bobby's away and a lot of the youths are moving into school so I'm not sure where I'll make it to. Maybe I'll give Abe a call and see what he's up to...

I've got a meeting set up with John Kidd on this coming Tuesday that'll be pretty badass. I'll show him the station and the limited amount that he'll need to know for doing his Fishing Minute for the "Monroe Today" section of the station. We'll get to set down & lay some concrete plans for how the minute'll be looking and see what we can do for it. Maybe we could get a local fishing business to sponsor it or something like that...there are a lot of possibilities and this is a pretty good one.

The Fishing Minute is the start point for community involvement with this station. The way I'm thinking about it so far is to use the "minute" idea, where a person/organization would get a flexible minute during the noon news block to talk about something of importance to Monroe County, as a platform to spring people into longer weekly/monthly half-hour shows. We're starting small with the fishing minute, but this Fall, I'm hoping to involve people with these minutes:

Historical Minute : Historical Society would have a minute to talk about historical issues, events, or places around the county. They'll be bringing this up at their September meeting and hopefully they approve it.

Health Minute : A local doctor or doctors would access the station to talk about general health and something that people could be doing or not doing. This could be tied with the local anti-drug efforts.

Welfare Forms Minute : With a different name, this would be an irregular feature, but would be an alert as to what major forms are due when and any major changes with forms people have to fill out for welfare. John Kidd's sister may help us with this.

Watershed Minute : One of the local watershed groups could use this minute towards updating people on water quality around the county. There are three (Indian Creek, Second Creek, and Greenbrier River) that could use this minute, maybe in a rotating fashion, we'll see.

Farmer's Market Reports : Report from the Farmers Market every Friday to promote that a bit more, either from the WVU extension agent or a local farmer. This'd only be useful until October and next Spring, so it might not be implemented until next spring...

Senior Spotlight : Giving an update on events that are focused on seniors, whether its an old folks home or whatever that gives the event list...haven't thought too much about this yet.

Arts Minute : The Arts Society here could give an overview of local things happening in the arts...very broad...but I just thought of this.

So, there are a lot of ideas out there and there is a lot of possibilities to connect people with different ideas.

Here's what we've got so far...

News, Weather, High School Menu, Sports scores, Community Calendar, Fishing Minute, Agricultural Extension Week.

So, we've got a good start on things and we've got a lot of opportunity to work with people on expanding that reach

Tominda came down Tuesday and we stayed together that night and went to the State Fair the following evening. Pretty badass, but I'm feeling about done with this typing thing.

Went Fishing earlier in Indian Creek...not sure if you can just pull over and fish...but I did and it was fun. Didn't catch anything, but then I don't know if I really wanted to.

Not sure what I'll do this weekend, but tomorrow'll be filled with errands and hitting up the farmer's market.


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