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Monday, January 07, 2008

Back in Blogging Action

Well, here I am in a Long John Silvers in gorgeous Gassaway, WV posting to a blog and looking at a big plate full of crumbs. This is exactly where I thought I'd be 10 years ago ("mommy, can I grow up to email people from random fast food joints in West Virginia?" i think those were my words...)

So, I've been looking at the computer a bunch today & have had a couple of low blood sugars (remedy: candy) so I have a little headache & am going to be quick in this post.

Here's where I'm staying: - a veritable back to the lander paradise that I'm going to be living at/housesitting for at least the next coupla months. It's not too shabby of a life to sit on a porch, eat lunch, see a church sitting across the road set in between two brown fuzz covered hills (no-leaved winter trees are fuzzy looking) and listen to the wind chimes blow in the breeze. I moved my clothes & papers & books & whatnots into the house earlier today and set camp pretty well.

We had a gathering last weekend of about 15 folks from around Central/Southern WV parts of the wv youth environmental network and it was a helluva time. Hiking, talking, singing, dancing, growing, drinking, and building community was the name of the game & the game was good. This is our second such gathering and I feel a strong community being built among organizing folk and I feel our work growing stronger & more powerful. There was one part of the weekend right at the end that was best and I feel great about and still makes me smile.

It was a hard weekend too as Sara Chroussis passed away last week. I've written about that in my own private journal and don't feel the need/want to rewrite what I've already expressed...but it made it a hard weekend as well. At one point I could only see her face as I looked into the brown fuzzy hills.

I'm excited to write in this thing again & I'm hoping to post to it every week and oftentimes everyday.


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