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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Yeah, the weekend has been pretty allright. Workin on my guitar skills...which are about as lacking as the ice caps at this point. But, as opposed to the ice caps, I'm hoping they improve.

Picked up a bluegrass songbook yesterday that has a lot of good quality stuff in there..Dooley, slippin up a holler. Dooley, tryin t'make a dollar. Dooley, gimme a swaller and i'll pay ya back some day...moonshinin songs and more. I'm nowhere near able to play them yet, but eventually I'll get there. I mean, I'm not lookin to be a star, I just want to be able to jam. Clifftop, next year, I won't be sittin back listenin, I want to be playin.

Talked with a guy, Keith, yesterday at this music store up in Lewisburg who might be interested in having a show here at WHFI that focuses on acoustic music. I mean, it's a start if we can get him a show, but I'm hoping to be able to hook up an old-timer who can recall memories of playing around Monroe County with a show. It'll be cool getting things rolling with Keith, though, eventually (we gotta get comfortable with the news first off, then we can hit the really creative and cultural stuff).

He's pretty tuned into the regional music scene, so I'll have to pay him a visit from time to time. He mentioned this party that the banjo picker from the Black Mountain Bluegrass Boys has every year where all kindsa people come out. I'm gonna have to hit that if I can. It'll be on September 23rd, I think around (the conveniantly named) Pickaway in Northern Monroe.

Today, I'm gonna check out getting an old truck for less than $500. I mean, I want one that'll haul shit from time to time, not one to drive every day. So, I'm gonna make some calls and maybe do some travelin, but I'm in no real hurry to get it.

I have a pretty freelance kinda weekend. I may hit up campin out and exploring in the Greenbrier State Forest. It should be nice enough that I can sleep under the stars..gotta order poles for my tent. I may just go back to the house, though.

I'm getting back into the to-do list thing, it's pretty damn necessary.

I'm not sure when I'll be going back to Shepherdstown. The weekend of Sept. 2 & 3 is the Festival of the Rivers in Hinton, and I kinda want to hit that up, but I may just miss that. I want to be around for the Historical Society's meeting at the Old Greenville Mill so I can explain the benefits of having a "Historical Minute" to them. So, I should be around for that.

Maybe Sept. 2 & 3....


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