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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Hell yeah, well things are allright here. Not so extraordinary, but are going pretty well. Got a little bit of time before we put the news together, so i'll write in here a bit.

The past weekend was pretty damn badass with all kindsa different young folks from a lotta different towns & universities around Appalachia. I went over to Rock Creek in the Coal River Valley to meet other young folks who are interested in trying to stop mountaintop removal and move towards more sustainable jobs & lives. A lot of music and inspiring people. Went up to Larry Gibson's land on Kayford Mountain, which was pretty hardcore...mine cracks are forming quick on his land and you have to start to worry about where you step. So, hopefully we can keep up momentum and this shit can keep growing and growing.

Talked with David Morris last night for an hour or an hour and a half and he just started naming off old-time music contacts that he has around the state and gave me the contact information for thirty or forty people. So, hopefully I can be calling them sometime over the next month and can get some music from them. This station has got potential to be real cool and focus on Appalachian Pride in culture and music and art and life...but we're not anywhere near there yet.

I'm wondering how long I'll last down here. I have a real strong feeling of missing Tominda and family and gets pretty hard sometimes.......

I do like being so close to the Coal River Valley and I like being in the Mountains a lot. I feel like I'm part of something strong, and I don't want to leave it and I would miss everything. Damn, if the people who are up in Shepherdstown were down here, we'd have a hell of a time.

The news will be getting a coupla high school volunteers pretty soon here. They'll be starting up over the course of the next month. Hopefully I can train them, then they can be reporters and contribute about a story a week sometime in the late winter/early spring. I am not interested in babysitting anyone, so they'll be getting shit done.


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