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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Looking at the Computer....

I've been looking at the computer for wayyyy too long. Editing and writing stories can take it outta ya....

I did get some goot meetin time with folks around the county in earlier today. Met with the head of the school's energy efficiency program and then met with this woman way back in the hills who runs her whole house off solar energy. That was real cool, she was a real warm lady...good to talk with. Hope to see her more.

I love recording and talking with people. It's the editing part that kinda sucks.

Got the conference this weekend that'll be real cool. Gonna be the last damn conference I plan. More important things that we could have been spending the last coupla months planning than getting a whole buncha youths together. I'm gonna put my time, instead of just planning conferences, into planning exactly how to hook up youths with community groups.

Probably going to be taking more weekends this winter to go over to the Coal River Valley and hopefully Fayette County. I've got a lot that I need to do in terms of organizing. I want to get a better feel for the different areas of Fayette County.

I don't want to end up here in Monroe, I don't think. I'll be looking out in Fayette County.

Probably gonna be hangin out with Bobby more and more and probably Sarah Kidder too since she is from Fayette. Lookin forward to when schools go out on winter break, Tominda'll be around Charleston...Katie & Lindsey'll be around Bluefield...all kindsa folks I know'll be around Southern WV. It'll be pretty cool.

Gotta get storm windows and plastic up in my house soon. Gotta talk to Vickie about when the natural gas is actually gonna be gettin hooked's cold cold cold in there.


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