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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Own Personal Kingdom

ha ha ha! I am king of Orma, WV - self proclaimed & sovereign.

Bob left for at least the next week earlier today and I'm looking after the place at least until he gets back in probably clear through January & February and maybe long after that. It depends on how I like the place, whether people visit (whether it gets too lonely), and how much he's sticking around. That's the place above & I'm looking to take full advantage of being here.

I am planning to grow veggies (tomatoes, peppers, gourds, etc - under Sarah Kidder's kind direction), hunt (eventually), fish (with Tadd), chill, read, sing, and have all the damn get togethers I can. This is a helluva place to grow relationships among folk in the WV youth environmental network. So - a gathering a month is what I'm planning - grow relationships among organizers to grow power in our organizing. That's what I say.

Had a real solid & nice day - it's hard to get stressed here. Bob showed me how to fill the wood-stove for the hot tub & I got a pretty good fire going (coulda been better) - so I had a nice afternoon dip in the hot tub. Chilled there for a while, then made lunch - read a few chapters - went on a walk - came back here and have been chilling ever since.

While I was reading on the porch, I watched the sun go down in the nook between the two mountains & that was pretty damn cool. I like it when it's fun to watch the sun go down - I remember doing that in Monroe's a good scene.

Spent yesterday in Glenville with Sarah & Tadd & Ivan. Holy crap - I never play so much NBA Jam as when I go over there and that jerk Tadd beat me in a coupla games...gotta get him...We went on a nice ass hike around the ridge behind their trailer & there's a coupla photos from that walk below. Sarah's dogs came with us - dogs are so amazing, they just stayed right along with us - running & zigzagging everywhich way - and came whenever Sarah'd call out "good girls stay close, good girls get treats" That's way more than most people do....damn....maybe we'd stay closer if we got treats........we really need to start rewarding each other with candy. We were on our way around the ridge, more on our way to circle around it than climb straight up it, until we got a good view (i.e. i got tired) and sat and talked for a good half hour before heading back.

It was such a damn nice day that I'm glad I went and walked around and got out in it. One of the best things in the world is taking in the enormity of the hills when you see friends a couple hundred feet away on the side of a huge incline. Can really take it in when the leaves are on the ground & not blocking the view - it's an impressive thing. These two little moving figures with a backdrop of brown & gray & red, its quieting. Saw some damn cool mushrooms too...

Tomorrow, I may go on a hike, I may go down to Charleston for a press conference (WV Environmental Council is releasing our "Citizens' Energy Plan" to counter the government fossil fuelish energy plan). I'll see - I haven't gone on a good hike by myself in quite some time & I haven't gotten a good feel for the place yet...I'll see.....

Talked with Bobby earlier about making it over to the Kanawha Forest sometime here to hit a shooting range & try out his shotgun & .22 - I haven't shot a gun since I went down to Levi's when I was like 2 so I should shoot one again - especially if I want to go turkey huntin with Rhett this spring, I need to have good aim.

Looking forward to brewing beer this Sunday in Charleston - have been talking about it for the past 2 years & now we're actually doing it. Hot damn, I hope that'll be a good day - there should be very good folk there.


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