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Friday, January 11, 2008

Settling in for the Night

Dogs are barkin in the background - the fires going in the gas heaters around the house - I'm typing on the computer - and there's a helluva quiet in the air. Well, except for the dogs there's a helluva quiet at least.

Back in Orma at the OARS house - pretty glad I didn't leave one of the stovetop burners on and burn the house down - it was a big relief seeing it still standing when I rumbled up the driveway. I got back here at maybe 6:30 and have had a pretty chill evening. Did a bit of online work, read about 30 more pages into my Hawk's Nest book, made & ate a pretty nice dinner - definitely been a chill evening. I'll be staying here until around noon or one or two tomorrow before I head back down to Charleston.

May meet up with Larry Gibson tomorrow to talk about the music for his wedding and his July 4th festival. I'm still kinda fluttery inside about planning the music for his wedding, it's a responsibility, definitely when it's a person as outstanding as Larry too...maybe I'll get Elvis to play...I mean, we're 6 months out from the July 4th festival and 7 months out from his wedding - gotta start planning - holy crap!!!

There's a mountaintop removal movie showing in Charleston (another one??? they just keep rolling them out...) that I'm definitely planning on hitting up. May look to gather a small crew of good folk from the CAYEN network to head on over to it - only know a coupla peoples' phone numbers but I'll give them a call when I get into town.

Sunday is the BIG BIG beer brewing day at the E-Council's office - we're gonna have Nut Brown & Irish Stout brewin away that'll be ready sometime in February. Under the steady direction of Mr. Matt Noerpel and with the hard labor of me and one fine Trevor Swan, this should be a great batch. The release party'll be up here at the OARS house in late February before Mountain Justice Spring Break. That'll be 2 parties from now (if you're keeping track) and we should be ready for a great weekend...hopefully there'll be some new faces to add to the Calhoun County Hike n' Hang Out Weekend regulars by that point. Well, actually, hopefully we don't blow the E-Council office up when we brew the beer - that's the first victory.

Suppose I'll be staying in Charleston Saturday - Sunday and heading back here Sunday night.

Headed into Charleston for the press conference for the outline of the Citizens' Energy Plan that various progressive groups are coming together around. Baloney Joe Manchin wants more coal and we're saying that we want green jobs & renewable energy - so the press conference went pretty well (coulda been done better). Dana spoke for SEAC and I did a little impromptu speaking off the cuff when I raised my hand and meant to answer a question but started preaching a bit instead (shut myself up quick & got back on track). CRMW, OVEC, WVCAG, WV E-Council all spoke and it was a pretty well attended events with maybe 7 delegates and a couple of state senators there. John Doyle (delegate from Shepherdstown) set up the room (go John!) but didn't end up making it to the press conference.

Was in a funk for the rest of yesterday - have a few ideas why, but a lot of it comes down to the weather. It was a grey rainy day & I can never feel quite right on those days...sunshine is badass.

When I went back to Dana's apartment to unload my remaining crap (clothes, guitar, fiddle) from there - I definitely took some mega cute pictures of her cat with a SEAC pin on its collar. It's a bird, It's a plane, IT'S A SEAC KITTY!!! So, yeah, I'm pretty satisfied with myself...check em out...

Maybe I'll go on a hike tomorrow morning.....then gather up kindling for the hot tub.....I have high hopes for tomorrow morning - I'm scared to check the weather.

I just called for one of Bob's dogs to come in...but it didn't come.......I hope it's warm enough...Mia is laying out on her rug in front of the gas heater in the workroom....wish I could remember that other dogs doesn't respond to "other dog" very well.....

that's it for tonight.


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