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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Short on Time - Breakfast is Comin

well, here I am sittin at home gettin ready to take a (refreshing) shower and meet Tominda for breakfast in Charles Town.

Shortly - I'll write more later -

-Amazing last weekend at the SEAC National Council meeting

-Great week in a mix of cleaning, SEAC work, relaxing, and hanging out with family

-Riding the train down to Charleston tomorrow (got an 8 hour ride, plenty for a lot of reading, writing, and SEAC work)

-The weekend in Calhoun County is coming together nicely, keeping focused on building the WV network through having a great time and growing relationships/inspiration

-Found my old notebooks from High School with journals, writings, yearbooks, and the rest - that was real badass to read & remember the good & the hard

Well, I'm off to take a shower - I'll write more later...


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