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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here I Am

Well, I seem to write in this thing a lot from roadside fast-food joints. I really don't spend that much time in mcdonalds and long john silver....i swear....

SEAC is sucking up huge amounts of time this week and it'll probably do the same next week. I'm headed down to the Southern Student Renewable Energy Conference wayyy down South on the Georgia - Florida border. I'm giving a fundraising workshop and facilitating a white alternative group - so it's going to be a pretty intense weekend. Here's the travel schedule:

leave Charleston, WV tomorrow afternoon & get to Clemson, SC tomorrow night
leave Clemson, SC Friday morning & get to Valdosta, GA Friday afternoon
leave Valdosta, GA Saturday afternoon and get back to Charleston in the Saturday AM

Its a ridiculous weekend - but it's going to be worth it and amazing and inspiring to be with people and all that jazz...I just wish there was a train that went the whole way...trains rock. they also choo choo

Young Dems Day on Kayford is this Sunday - this is coming together and is even going to have a video that goes up on YouTube - hell yeah! We're fancy

I'm really really looking forward to taking a week off - depending on how the February grant writing and fundraising drives go, I might could take it in late February - otherwise taking it in March. I have a lot of time off that I haven't taken and I could (if I wanted to) take a week off per month and still have vacation left over. I won't do that, but a week of little work every 2 months sounds great! Especially when spring and summer time roll around...get out and go fishing and chill. I'm planning on going fishing real soon here - probably next Friday with Tadd and Sarah and maybe Dana.

Planning on my week off being full of projects - making a lamp out of my mannequin legs...working on a garden at moms...visiting friends...a good big bunch of stuff

Anyways, things are good, I should get on to Dana's so I have a couch to sleep on...


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