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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting a Schedule

Here we go - write write write

I'm here in the SEAC office getting ready for the day to start and continuing with writing in this thing as often as I remember to.

I've taken these past couple of days as a weekend - and even though I did work Monday, I'm in denial about it, so I'm not thinking of it as a work day. I just happen to use my free time sitting on email in a coffee shop...Yesterday was a pretty great day off, here's what I did

-slept in
-watched a lot of the office
-stayed on the couch
-made better burgers
-made cheesecake

Posting pictures from this past Sunday's Young Dems' Day on Kayford which I'm hoping is a building effort.

Above: Chuck Nelson, retired deep miner and volunteer organizer with OVEC

Above: The crowd of good folk up on the mountain that day

Above: Susan and James Tawney who are fighting a strip mine in Nicolas County

Above: Donna Branham who's fighting a mountaintop removal project in Mingo Country

Above: The Crowd

Above: Yours Truly

Above: Rod Snyder the President of the WV Young Dems speaks

Above: These used to be mountains, and we can still save the ones in the distance


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